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Jessica Alba interview for sale £1 [Jan. 5th, 2006|04:22 pm]
Jessica Alba Pictures

Neither is a path I want to travel down.

Despite looking for work daily I have yet found none.  My bills are two-and-a-half times for jobseekers allowance, and whilst I have always been good at juggling my money this is the last month I can meet all my payments and some of them are going to be late.

Whilst I am still looking for work, I thought I might try and sell interviews in magazines.

Unless you flew with Cathay Pacific, or know somebody who did and gave them the magazine then you will not have read this interview.

It was in Cathay Pacific's in-flight magazine called 'Discovery' August 2005.

It's a two-page interview with Jessica Alba promoting Sin City, etc... and begins with:

"Dark angel, stripper, invisibile superhero...Jessica Alba's career is peppered with kick-butt roles in skin-tight costumes, sending her to top of most men's magazine line-ups.  But you'd be surprised at how down to earth and conservative this honey is."

I can't stop any of you from buying this and then putting it on this community.

But I will email you the full scanned copy of this interview for just £1.00 British pound sterling.

I have a paypal account and my email address if you choose to pay this way or want to contact me is:
jeanmbundy@hotmail.com   If you pay by paypal please make sure your email address is attached to your payment so I know where to email the article to.

If you live in the UK, I will accept a cheque or postal order in £ sterling, just email to the same address and I'll give you my postal address.

Your assurance that you'll receive this is that you can report me to both Paypal and Livejournal if I don't comply.  But I will!